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Manic Fiddler Publishing is a publisher of roleplaying games based in central New Jersey.

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Paradox - RULZ101-01

Whether your find yourself a player or StoryTeller, the Paradox rulebook is the indispensible, comprehensive source for all the rules and information needed to create a rich gaming experience. For ages 12 and up, this rulebook contains the comprehensive rules to the game system, several historical maps as well as the complete fantasy setting.  

Paradox includes complete rules for time and interdimensional travel along with characters, maps and equipment for all scenarios.  Any historical time period can be used, and a vivid fantasy world setting is provided to get you started creating alternate dimensions.

•rules for time and interdimensional travel
•guidelines to create characters from 5 classes and 12 subclasses
•character level information from levels 1-20
•historical maps
•fantasy setting, including maps, history and descriptions of cultures and creatures
•accomodates modern, future, medieval, western, GrecoRoman, military, fantasy and other genres without having to reroll characters or end a campaign
•three prewritten adventures that can be modified for a variety of character levels.

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Paradox Gold Edition 2009 - RULZ101-02

Paradox Gold Edition contains the full text of the Paradox rulebook, with the full text of SUPP101-01, SUPP101-02, and SUPP101-03 incorporated into a single, hardcover volume.

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Guide to Adventurers - SUPP 101-01

Paradox game system's Guide to Adventurers contains tips for playing Adventurers and twelve new Adventurer subclasses (Rapparee, Cossack, Highlander, Viking, Berserker, Samurai, Spartan, Beast Rider, Gladiator, Amazon, Impostor, and Conquistador) as well as rules for Adventurers' OCC guilds.


Guide to Priests and Mystics - SUPP 101-02

Paradox game system's Guide to Priests and Mystics contains tips for playing Priests and Mystics, five new Mystic subclasses (Kaballah, Christian, Dervish, Far East, Shaman), XXX new Priest subclasses, as well as rules for Priest and Mystic OCC guilds.

Specific information is included to incorporate clergy of many major world religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Ancient Paganism (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Germanic, Norse, Aztec), Buddhism, Hinduism, Voodoo/Vodou/Vodun, and Santaria.


Guide to Agents and Rogues - SUPP 101-03

Paradox game system's Guide to Agents and Rogues contains tips for playing Agents and Rogues including  two new Agent subclasses (Irithanama Enforcer and Zeitgeist Agent), eight new Rogue subclasses (Courtier/Courtesan, Con Man, Gangster, Spy, Hacker, Smuggler, Ninja, Pickpocket) as well as rules for Rogues' OCC guilds.



To Hell and Back - ADVN 101-01

Interdimensional.  Lead the party through the nine circles of Dante Alighieri's Inferno. For 3 to 6 characters of level 3-6

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Harvest Faire - ADVN 101-02

Attend a harvest festival in 1690s France.  Participate in an archery contest and carnival while you help the innkeeper save her deed from the evil landlord.  For 3-6 characters of level 1-8.

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Wild West 20th Anniversary - RULZ202-01

Our first game, reformatted and re-issued for its 20th anniversary.  Wild West is a simply designed game system set in the Wild West.  Excellent for those who are new to roleplaying due to the simplicity of the rules.  A standard deck of 52 playing cards is used for random number generation instead of dice.


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